First of Its Kind Alexa App MyFlight Forecast™ Eliminates Unexpected Turbulence

Turbulence Index

​​​​​​​​​​​Popular website is launching a free first of its kind Alexa app this week, which will allow travelers to use Amazon’s popular Echo and Dot devices to receive up-to-the-minute reports on turbulence conditions that might affect upcoming flights. MyFlight Forecast™ is a project by New York-based aviation support company FlyHome, which seeks to help travelers combat their fear of flying by arming them with information.

The app allows users to have their Alexa “ask” the MyFlight Forecast™ app for the updates they need to feel prepared to fly:

"Clients feel as if the plane is 'dropping' hundreds, or even thousands of feet"

Timothy Griffin, Captain and Founder of FlyHome

·       Alexa, ask MyFlight Forecast what is my turbulence forecast?

·       …will my flight be bumpy?

·       …how bad is the turbulence in the U.S?

This new Alexa app works in conjunction with the MyFlight Forecast™ website and iOS/Android apps, which travelers can use to get a more specific flight picture by entering the details of their journey. This picture, or Turbulence Index, combines live weather radar, satellite imagery and live turbulence reports from pilots.

While turbulence is very much a normal part of flying, for aviophobia-sufferers it can be a source of paralyzing dread. “Clients feel as if the plane is ‘dropping’ hundreds, or even thousands of feet,” says veteran pilot and FlyHome Founder Captain Timothy Griffin. “The body can give many false illusions while flying through turbulence. There are certainly shifts that can happen vertically, or laterally. However, the plane is producing so much lift at the speeds that it is flying that ‘dropping’ is not in the equation.”

This knowledge can be very helpful in allowing fearful flyers to rationalize their situation and take a measure or control over their instinctive reactions, but Griffin is aware from his years of experience coaching aviophobes that theoretical knowledge is best when it’s balanced by practical info. “I’ve coached many, many people over the past five years on the mechanics of flight and how to develop coping strategies for flight nervousness,” says Griffin, whose FlightAnxiety 101™classes boast an astounding success rate. “But what’s equally important for my clients are the personalized pre-flight briefings I offer them after their ‘classwork’ is complete. It actually calms them as they prepare for their journey to know about any turbulence in advance, because it means they can be ready to use what I’ve taught them.

“With this new Alexa app, anyone can have the benefit of a pilot’s pre-flight briefing. All they have to do is ask her.”

The MyFlight Forecast™ Amazon app is available now from Amazon​, in addition to their existing apps for iOS and Android. With coverage in USA Today and in the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper, FlyHome’s projects are already making a significant impact. Their groundbreaking Alexa app is just one more way the company is making the skies friendlier for all travelers.

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